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I have had cosmetic/plastic surgery, can I still do face yoga ?


Yes. The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method will still give your face a fresh glow, reduce damaging build up of tension and reduce the need for further cosmetic surgery. The exercises are all safe for those who have had cosmetic surgery but please check with your doctor before you startthe exercises as there may be a time period after surgery where you must allow the surgery to heal.

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method will give you a fresh, young, relaxed and beautiful appearance which looks more natural than surgery and is safer than having further operations.


Will Pratising The Danielle Face yoga Method give me Wrinkles?


No. All the techniques work the face and neck in a controlled way. When you go to a gym or to an exercise class and work the muscles in the body you firm up the body and improve skin texture and tone. The same principle applies for the face and neck.

The exercises which work on muscle resistance enlarge the muscle, creating lift and a promoting a firmer, more youthful-looking face. So by exercising the face you are actually building muscle fibre which reduces wrinkles.


Will touching and massaging my face give me wrinkles?


No, not if you massage in the right way. All the techniques in The Danielle Collins Face YogaMethod work with all 3 layers of the skin to ensure that none of the connective tissue is broken down. By massaging correctly you will feel your skin will have better circulation, look smoother and firmer, toxins will be removed and tension reduced. It is however important to remember to use a lighter touch on the face than on the body as the skin is thinner on the face.


Does it matter if I do not do face yoga for a while?


It is best to do the exercises once a day, 6 days a week as recommended but if you go a while without doing it, don’t worry. You may notice a slight difference in your face when you don’t do them but your face will not suddenly droop or drop. Also, remember that the face muscles have a muscle memory so when you start again usually you can just pick up where you left off.


Should I moisturise my skin before or after following The Danielle Collins Face Yoga?


It is recommended to use a good daily moisturiser after the exercises and acupressure. But before the massage and relaxation.


Are there any safety aspects I need to consider?


All the exercises and techniques in the Method have been designed to be safe and beneficial for you and all instructions are clear and comprehendible. It is always advised to visit a 1:1 teacher to ensure you are doing all exercises correctly and to learn any modifications suitable for any health complaints or skin problems. If you do have any particular needs, health issues or any of the exercises feel uncomfortable for you please consult your doctor before using the programme.

Always ensure you work to your own comfortable limit.




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